Walking Holiday Destinations

Author: Mark Bartley
The well known mountain areas of the Alps, the Dolomites and the Sierra Nevada in Spain are all options for the experienced walker. For those seeking a less challenging option there are many alternatives, especially on some of the main holiday islands.

Walkers on the island of Menorca have always been able to enjoy the wonderful countryside for walking but now the completion of a new footpath that circumnavigates the whole island brings a wider choice of routes. For walkers, Menorca has of course some fantastic coastal scenery, with wonderful beaches dotted along its coastline, providing picturesque spots to rest and take a picnic. Menorca is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve area and some conservation is an important aspect. Preservation of flora and fauna as well as certain wildlife area is evident. The new coastal walkway around the island is called the Cam?e Cavalls and is a 180 kilometer long medieval route that was used for communication when the island had to be defended from invaders. The path has now been completely signposted and new fences erected to make it safer and easier to navigate for walkers.

The new pathway initiative follows an eight year process to make the land public property and a two million euro investment to prepare it. As well as walkers, cyclists and horse riders can also share and enjoy the route. Summer temperatures on Menorca can be very high so the best time to undertake a walk on the pathway is probably springtime or late Autumn. There are several companies that offer guided walks on the island and some will also arrange accommodation so that walkers can tackle the route in stages without having to worry about carrying their luggage.

The interesting aspect to walking on the island of Madeira is a unique network of water channels that were built by the Portuguese in the 16th Century to form an irrigation system channelling water to the agricultural parts of the island. These waterways also now provide a huge network of walking routes that bring large numbers of people to the island from all over the world. The waterways transport water from the wetter, higher regions in the north of the island through valleys, gorges and even tunnels to most of the rest of the island. Development of the system carried on for hundreds of years with additions being made as recently as the 1940's. In total, the levada network is made up of over 1300 miles of channels, including some 25 miles of tunnels. There are several levedas that are particularly favoured by walkers including the Levada do Caldeirao Verde. The terrain for walkers is a mix of unchallenging yet pleasant forest walks right through to a series of challenging routes that traverse steep hillsides and a few of the tunnels, for which local knowledge and assistance is recommended.

The island of Mallorca also has some wonderful walking terrain in the Tramuntana Mountains in the north west. The port of Soller is a perfect location for hikers to base themselves as it gives quick access to the higher peaks of Puig Major as well as the more gentle routes to the south of the town. The area around Lake Cuber, one of two huge reservoirs in the peaks, is also a big favourite with walkers. Several tunnels make interesting options, as does a visit to the monastery at Lluc or a walk down the Torrent de Pareis to the beach at Sa Colobra.

Finally the Greek island of Crete provides another location for warm weather walking. Unlike many other Greek islands, Crete has many more green areas and a choice of inland and coastal areas to explore. Traversing the island is a large network of tracks and trails, used in the past by shepherds and farmers but now largely redundant due to an improved road network. This has left them free for walkers to enjoy and a myriad of documented routes use them for out and back, circular and place to place routes. Getting prepared and setting off wit ha guide book is easy or opt to go with an organised walking tour. There are a number of walking companies on the island including a few run by individuals from the UK. Many will know the Gorge of Samuria, which is a great route but can become busy due to its popularity. It is only open during certain parts of the year and is now patrolled by rangers who ensure everyone gets through safely. Walkers start inland at Omalos and walk the 13 kilometers downhill to the coast at Agia Roumeli.

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Mallorca is a great island for hikers who like to get out and about and explore the holiday areas they visit. Mark Bartley reports on the walking options on islands such as Madeira, Crete, Menorca and Mallorca. Walkers who are thinking of visiting these places and may also be looking for flights to Madeira or the other islands mentioned, can find out further details here and in his other reports about island walking holidays on Madeira, Mallorca and Crete.

September Cultural Events In Rio De Janeiro

Author: Razvan Jr

Just about every single month of the year there is something going on in Rio and September is no exception. This article will try to summarize only a few of the most important events in Rio this month. We will start with the most important one: “The French Year In Brazil” which is in fact an year-around event. The event started off with an incredible show of pyrotechnics from group F on the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. Through the entire year (including September of course) there will be a generous number of shows, spectacles, exhibitions, debates and more.

To obtain more information about this worldwide known event please use the following phone numbers: 61 3316-2125 and 3316-2126 or e-mail at dri@minc.gov.br

The next event which we want to review is the XIV International Book Bienal. The Literary CafĂ© is the main center of this event but there will also be other spaces for debates, some of them dedicated entirely to women where themes like diet, love, education will be deal with. For dramatized reading by celebrities there is the Book on Scene. The Book Forest is a section dedicated to small children (ranging from 7-13 years). Many international well-known actors will be at this event. The venue is: Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center - Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 – Jacarepagua.

To obtain more information about this event e-mail at fagga@fagga.com.br or use this number (21) 3431-4084.

Match Race Brasil is the 3rd most important event in September. Up to 12 yachts from Brazil, Uruguay and/or Argentina will take part in the South America’s Cup Competition. The big prize – Roger Wright – is the big trophy in 2009. The venue for this event is: Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro - Av. Pasteur, 333 – Urca.

To find out more about Match Race Brasil call (21) 2543-1244 or e-mail at vanessa@brasil.com.br

Rio Pipeline 2009 is another major event held at Centro de Convencoes SulAmerica - Av. Paulo de Frontin, 1 - Cidade Nova. This is dedicated to the pipeline industry members and it is organized every odd year in Rio. This event brings together executives as well as professionals from this sector where they can debate the latest developments in this major industry.

If you are involved in this industry, please contact the administrators at (21) 3293-6722 or congressos@ibp.org.br

First Day Of Spring – at exactly 12.44 pm on September 22 parks, garden and squares will bloom, invading the city with a lovely atmosphere of joy and peace.

On September 27 the World Tourism Day will be celebrated in Rio de Janeiro and will commemorate the adoption of the statues of the Organization in Mexico.

On September 21, 2009 the Tree Day will be celebrated in order to provide information on forest conservation and encourage the implementation of this crucial practice, as well as publicizing the importance of trees for the well-being of mankind.

As you can see, there are a lot of important activities happening in Rio de Janeiro this month so if you are planning your vacation here during this period make sure you check out at least a few of these events.

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John P. is the manager of www.riodejaneiroapartments.co.uk where users can find the most affordable Rio apartments for rent with only a few mouse clicks.

Budget Travel Talk

Author: Steve Perillo

Pauline Frommer is the daughter of American travel writing legend Arthur Frommer. She is a successful and acclaimed travel expert and writer in her own right and is best known for her “spend less see more” approach.

Her line of travel guidebooks focus mainly on budget-oriented adult travelers. In addition to budget travel guide books for adults, she has travel guidebooks for every type of traveler. Pauline Frommer’s travel guidebooks are regarded as the best source for cheap travel tips as her handpicked team of writers help you get the best out of your dollar and trip. Millions of travelers count on Pauline Frommer Travel Guides for accurate prices, smart trip planning, comprehensive sightseeing advice, and forthright reviews of hotels and restaurants in all price ranges. In 2006, the North American Travel Journalists Association named Pauline Frommer’s New York City as the “Best Guidebook of the Year.”

Pauline Frommer recently appeared on the Steve Perillo Travel Show hosted by the CEO of Perillo Tours, a well-known name in the travel industry since 1945. Starting with travel tours to Italy, they have moved to providing quality tours to Hawaii and Israel as well. Perillo Tours set the highest standards of value and integrity in travel. Steve Perillo is the third generation of the Perillo family who carries forward the family tradition.

On the Perillo Travel Show, Pauline Frommer gives an inside look at her travel guides. She offers viewers expert suggestions on how to travel cheap. According to her, going for alternative modes of traveling rather than the traditional ways of traveling are the best ways to travel cheap. Alternative accommodations such as private apartments, convents, and monasteries are also great when it comes to traveling cheap.

To learn more cheap travel tips from Pauline Frommer, visit our Blog

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Top Outdoor European Summer Concerts

Author: Mark Bartley
Many of the most famous music acts in the world now recognise the importance of exposure at some of Europe's biggest music festivals. Glastonbury now showcases almost 400 live performances for audiences in excess of 150,000 people. Other massive music festivals include the UK's V Festivals, the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals in Germany that attract as many visitors as Glastonbury and the world's biggest music festival, the Donauinselfest in Vienna that this year featured over 2000 artists and remarkably was free to see.

On a much smaller scale however, there are many other outdoors festivals in different parts of Europe, particularly in holiday destinations, that are well worth visiting. Here are just a few that took place this year that may be worth considering as part of next year's holiday plans.

Each year on the Algarve coast of Portugal the motor racing circuit near Portimao hosts the Rock One festival, which this year take place in early August. This new motor circuit is a few miles from the Algarve coast and is great venue for many events in addition to it's top quality motorsport races. This year Rock One ran over 4 days and include appearances from acts such as James Morrison, James and Linkin Park. More than 200,000 people were expected to attend.

Another big festival taking place in August was the Spirit of Bourgas held in the Bulgarian holiday town of Bourgas. This a relatively new festival, being first held in 2008, but this year's event included some big name acts and is sure to continue going from strength to strength.

On the island of Tenerife a one day festival during July combines music with a conservation theme. The Tenerife Eolica Festival takes place at the Institute of Renewable Energy on the island and also includes dance and theatrical events as well as workshops.

Jazz music also features prominently in music events this summer, with many including artists visiting Europe from north and south America. Palma Jazz held in Mallorca is a series of individual concerts based in Mallorca's capital city. Palma already has several thriving jazz clubs, which host some of the performances, but by far the most impressive venue during the festival is the city's Bellver Castle, which sits high above the city and provides a spectacular setting. Acts in previous years have included Gloria Gaynor and Diana Krall.

In different countries on different dates the festivals that fall under the World of Music, Arts and Dance or WOMAD banner include festivals as far apart as Adelaide in Australia, Abu Dhabi, the tower of London, Sicily and Gran Canaria. This year's WOMAD Gran Canaria gave up on its usual early summer date and will take place between 12th and 15th November, when the weather will still be warm and rain-free in this favourite winter sun destination. The acts expecting to be on stage at these free concerts in the Parque de Santa Catalinain, a town square in La Palmas, Gran Canaria's main town, include performers from all over the world, although the organisers are yet to release final details of the line up.

One of the smallest, yet sophisticated music events in Europe must surely be the short series of Chopin piano recitals that take place every year in the breathtakingly beautiful town of Valldemossa on the island of Mallorca. The composer lived and worked in the monastery in Valldemossa for a short period of his life and the annual festival celebrates his work with a series of four evening concerts during August.

Finally, the small town of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, holds an annual tribute band festival during the month of June. This is a unique and unusual festival that lasts for a week and this year included groups paying homage to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy.

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Just about every country in Europe now boosts a big outdoor music event. The author reports on those existing and new events on islands such as Gran Canaria, Rhodes and Mallorca. Many companies now offer deals on flights to Gran Canaria and other festival locations, making access very easy.

Caribbean Travel Tips

Author: Fred Mallery

Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean for the first time? If so, continue reading on for a few helpful and moneysaving tips.

Making Your Travel Arrangements

It is easy to book a Caribbean vacation with family because one family member is paying for the trip (your children are just along for the ride). Planning a Caribbean vacation with friends, on the other hand, can be harder. You need to make your travel plans together if you want to share rooms. If you opt for an all-inclusive resort, more than just a room is included, but each person gets access to the same inclusions; therefore, just spilt the costs evenly.

Keep times that are convenient for you in mind when booking your trip. We are often so focused on getting the best deals that we rarely take the time to coincide our flight times with our hotel or resort check in and out times. For example, what would you do for hours if your flight arrived at 11am, but you couldn't check-in until 3pm? The same with departure times; if you need to be out of your room at noon, but your flight doesn't leave until 7pm, what are you going to do for those seven hours? If you have no idea, try to coincide your flight times with your all-inclusive resort or hotel.

Packing for Your Trip

Many American travelers flying to the Caribbean are in for a long flight and possibly some layovers. For that reason, bring lots of small items to keep you occupied. Magazines, books, mp3 players, or portable DVD players work great and they are easy to carry around.

Only pack what you need. You can get a good idea of the clothes needed by checking the weather forecast. Pack an extra sweater if you want, but not two. Save extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Plus, remember airlines charge extra for luggage, so try and limit what you bring. All resorts should have onsite laundry facilities, meaning you really don't need two or three outfits for just one day.

Pack all necessary travel documents in your carryon bag, wallet, or purse. You need to show your driver's license and passport at the airport. Prevent delays by making sure these items are easily accessible.

Arriving at Your Resort

If you opted for an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, most of your trip is preplanned and prepaid for. Your stay should include your room, snacks, drinks, food, tips, and some forms on onsite entertainment. Get a list or chart from the main office detailing what is or isn't included. This is a great way to save money. Why pay extra for an activity, like snorkeling, offsite when your resort enables you to enjoy that activity without extra costs?

Start your day early if you want to get the best spot by the beach, the best lounger by the pool, and so forth. These are all popular activities at all-inclusive resorts and hotels. Of course, there is plenty of room to go around, but ensure you aren't settling for second best.

Venturing Off Hotel or Resort Grounds

One of the reasons why all-inclusive Caribbean resorts are recommended is because you never need to leave to have a good time. All-inclusive resorts are home to multiple restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, spas, and more. These are just the facilities you gain access too; wait until you see all available activities. Either way, you may wish to venture off the hotel or resort property. This is okay, but spend your money wisely.

If you didn't take the time to research offsite activities and attractions before departing, ask your hotel or resort staff for suggestions. Hotel lobbies are also home to travel brochures that may outline nearby popular restaurants or attractions. Look at these brochures for moneysaving coupons too.

As you know, the Caribbean is a safe place to visit. With that said, you always need to display some caution when leaving home (whether it be walking down the street or leaving the country). Never bring large amounts of cash with you or carry valuables. Leave anything you would be devastated to lose in your resort or hotel safe; better yet leave valuables at home.

By keeping the above mentioned Caribbean travel tips in mind, you are sure to have a great trip. Most important tip of all? Remember to have fun! Enjoy yourself!

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Caribbean vacations are easy and affordable to plan with the help of Breezes.com. Choose from one of their luxury all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean.