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Author: Steve Perillo

Pauline Frommer is the daughter of American travel writing legend Arthur Frommer. She is a successful and acclaimed travel expert and writer in her own right and is best known for her “spend less see more” approach.

Her line of travel guidebooks focus mainly on budget-oriented adult travelers. In addition to budget travel guide books for adults, she has travel guidebooks for every type of traveler. Pauline Frommer’s travel guidebooks are regarded as the best source for cheap travel tips as her handpicked team of writers help you get the best out of your dollar and trip. Millions of travelers count on Pauline Frommer Travel Guides for accurate prices, smart trip planning, comprehensive sightseeing advice, and forthright reviews of hotels and restaurants in all price ranges. In 2006, the North American Travel Journalists Association named Pauline Frommer’s New York City as the “Best Guidebook of the Year.”

Pauline Frommer recently appeared on the Steve Perillo Travel Show hosted by the CEO of Perillo Tours, a well-known name in the travel industry since 1945. Starting with travel tours to Italy, they have moved to providing quality tours to Hawaii and Israel as well. Perillo Tours set the highest standards of value and integrity in travel. Steve Perillo is the third generation of the Perillo family who carries forward the family tradition.

On the Perillo Travel Show, Pauline Frommer gives an inside look at her travel guides. She offers viewers expert suggestions on how to travel cheap. According to her, going for alternative modes of traveling rather than the traditional ways of traveling are the best ways to travel cheap. Alternative accommodations such as private apartments, convents, and monasteries are also great when it comes to traveling cheap.

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